PKAR’s Annual Past Presidents’ Night and Silent Auction 2016

On Wednesday May 18th, 2016, past and present members of Peterborough and the Kawarthas Association of REALTORS® gathered together to celebrate Past Presidents’ Night with a dinner and silent auction at the Evinrude Centre. The evening culminated with the presentation of the annual awards in addition to the presentation of New Member Certificates, and the recognition of membership milestones for 25, 50 and 60 years.

The evening begun with a social hour, dinner and silent auction where Realtors® and their guests enjoyed some friendly competition for the generously donated auction items. The Silent Auction raised $7,820 for the Ontario REALTORS C.A.R.E.® Foundation, which will be donated locally to YWCA Crossroads Women’s Shelter at PKAR’s Annual Christmas Breakfast at the end of the year.

David Reid, OREA Northeastern Area Representative, said his greetings after dinner, congratulating the event and for its longevity, even making reference to John Bowes and Lorne Smith, who have been PKAR members for more than 60 years – the only REALTORS® in Canada who have been in the business that long!.

PKAR honoured new members Brady Shortt, Denise Ford, Jeff McNab and Gord Meadows.

Shirley McDowell was celebrated as the recipient of the Honorary Fellowship Award for her commitment to the association. She volunteered on PKAR’s board of Directors in 2007, and has served in many PKAR committees, including education, arbitration, insurance task force, and professional standards. Shirley has been a member of PKAR since September 1977 and is in her 39th year of Organized Real Estate. She is a broker at Re/Max Eastern Realty Inc. Brokerage.

PKAR congratulated Mara Cook, David Rishor, and Karen Wood for achieving the 25-year milestone.

The main focus of the night is honouring our Past Presidents’; who dedicated their time to the Association to ensure that organized real estate in Peterborough remains a professional business where our Realtors® are valued members of our community. PKAR’s Past Presidents in attendance were:

  • John Bowes, President 1957, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1950, 66 years in real estate
  • Lorne Smith, President 1958, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1951, 65 years in real estate
  • Carl Oake, President 1976, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1968, 48 years in real estate
  • Bryan Pownall, President 1982, PKAR member from 1975 to 2006, Retired
  • Fraser Hamilton, President 1983, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1965, 51 years in real estate
  • Sheila McConkey, President 1985, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1969, 47 years in real estate
  • Douglas Rishor, President 1987, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1965, 51 years in real estate
  • Deanna Weaver, President 1988 and 1994, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1970, 46 years in real estate
  • Vern Hamilton, President 1989, PKAR member from 1970 to 2012, Retired
  • Judith Maxwell, President 1991, PKAR member from 1985 to 1993, Retired
  • David Smith, President 1992, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1983, 33 years in real estate
  • John McConkey, President 1996, PKAR member since 1985, 31 years in real estate
  • John Hope, President 2000, PKAR member since 1976, 40 years in real estate
  • Richard Hawkins, President 2001 and 2011, Honourary Fellow, PKAR member since 1994, 22 years in real estate
  • Barbara Jinkerson, President 2003, PKAR member since 1986, 30 years in real estate
  • Robert Clarke, President 2004, PKAR member since 1992, 24 years in real estate
  • Tom Bennett, President 2005, PKAR member since 1994, 22 years in real estate
  • Jane Campbell, President 2006, PKAR member since 1988, 28 years in real estate
  • Clarence Collison, President 2007 and 2008, PKAR member since 1986, 30 years in real estate
  • Christine Kemp, President 2010, PKAR member since 1998, 18 years in real estate
  • Rennie Lowes, President 2012, PKAR member since 2003, 13 years in real estate
  • Dominic Cole, President 2015, PKAR member since 2008, 8 years in real estate
  • And the current President Mike Heffernan, PKAR member since 2004, 12 years in real estate

Also acknowledged were John Bowes and Lorne Smith for their respective 66 and 65 years as PKAR members, the only REALTORS® in Canada who have been in the business for over 60 years.

Then members Fraser Hamilton and Douglas Rishor, who had hit the 50-year milestone, were honoured by PKAR.

As part of the Past Presidents’ Night, annual awards are given out. This year the awards given were the Civic Award, the Merit Award, and the Past President Award. The Civic Award was awarded to Vera Mainguy for her dedicated work to the MS Walk every year. The Merit Award was given to Jack Peirson for his longevity on the Government Relations Committee and for 21 years of PKAR annual Land Planning Information Session and membership with the Peterborough and Kawarthas Home Builders Association. The Past President Award was given to Christine Kemp for her years on the Arbitration Committee at OREA and as director and past president of PKAR’s Board of Directors.

PKAR congratulates all members who reached Milestones and received awards this year. We are over 70 years strong and proud to have such wonderful members.

PKAR’s Past Presidents

For more pictures from the event, click here!

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