PKAR at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market

This past Wednesday PKAR spent the day the Farmer’s Market downtown in the Louis Lot. The goal was to help express the value of using a local REALTOR® to the public. Throughout the day we had the opportunity to meet with people who often frequent the market, and were pleasantly surprised to see our tent present.

PKAR would like to thank those local REALTORS® who took the time out of their busy schedules to help spread the importance of using a local REALTOR®. Thank you to Vera Mainguy, Margaret Weikman, Clint Gage, Cathy Burningham, Aaron Wright, Jason Heffernan, and Mike Heffernan! Your presence was greatly appreciated!

Mike and Jason FM3 Cathy Burningham & Aaron Wright Vera Mainguy & Margaret Weikman

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