Darlington Refurbishment Project Overview Seminar

This morning PKAR was invited to attend a round table discussion regarding the Darlington Refurbishment Project Overview put on by Karl Baldauf and the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.

Ontario Power Generation Director of Operations & Maintenance Boris Vulanovic gave incite into the multi year plan, and how it would affect cities across the province, including Peterborough. Overall the project will boost Ontario’s GDP by $15billion.

There was also information provided by local businesses and government. Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal was on hand to give a brief history of Peterborough’s involvement in nuclear technologies, and how we can benefit from the Darlington Refurbishment Project moving forward.

Dean Wilcox, General Manager, Rolls Royce supplied information about the importance of locals in their employment force, as they work along side OPG in their Darlington project.

How this project will affect on our local economy was further driven home by Jim Genge, QA Manager at Canadian Instrumentation Services Group, as he explained their involvement with the project. Lorne Kelsey, Peterborough Economical Development, also spoke about the projects potential for economic growth within the city!

It was a wonderful presentation and shined light into the future at OPG Darlington, and it’s local economical potential.

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