2016 Annual PKAR Christmas Breakfast

Wednesday December 7th, 2016 marked PKAR’s Annual Christmas Breakfast. Over 170 PKAR Members and Special Guests were in attendance at the Evinrude Centre to take part in a wonderful meal, social exchange, and were able to share in a morning based around the idea of giving back.

Throughout 2016 PKAR has held various events, such as PKAR Golf Tournament, Silent Auction, Bike Big, etc, to help raise money for local charities. During this time PKAR was able to raise more than $20,000 to be distributed to charities throughout our community. The money raised was presented to five local charities during the Christmas Breakfast. Each charities took an opportunity to thank PKAR for their work, and also shared how important these funds would be to their organizations, and how they positively affected the lives of those in our community. Afterwards 2016 PKAR President Mike Heffernan, PKAR Executive Officer Kathy Belanger, and Community Involvement Co-Chairs Cathy Burningham and Aaron Wright greeted each charity and happily presented them with their cheques.

You could really feel the positive energy in the room during the cheque presentations. The moment truly sparked inspiration within the PKAR membership. Following the cheque presentations PKAR President Mike Heffernan randomly drew names from the membership to receive prizes for their attendance, and participation. Without prompt ALL SIX winners donated back a total of $1000 to charities. The feeling of community was cemented throughout the room.

They say December is the time of year for giving. Whether it be time, effort, money, emotion, the feeling of giving back was truly present during the 2016 PKAR Christmas Breakfast!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who put forth a strong effort in 2016! The spirit within PKAR is as strong as ever!

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